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Bayside Model Yacht Group was originally formed at the Bayside Retirement Village in Bonnells Bay on the central coast of New South Wales Australia.

The group originally sailed Footies that they built and found enjoyable to sail. As time passed and they became better sailors a larger design seemed appropriate. The group chose to build the Wee Nip designed by Graham Bantock. The original Wee Nip was a one sail design that did not appeal to those members who owned a full size yacht and the Wee Nip Mk2 was born.

You will see here on our web site the activities of the group, local folk wanting to participate in a most rewarding and social activitiy are more than welcom. Folk who want to start their own Wee Nip group may benefit from a lot of the ideas on the site about building, sailing and socialising.



There are some clear differences between the Wee Nip designed by Graham Bantock and the Nip we sail at Bayside. The differences are:

The 700mm length includes the front bumper See Below Key Dimensions.ppt

The weight remains 2.0kg minimum

The mast length is 1.0m maximum regardless of the mounting method 

The keel does not need to be removal

The keel lead is to be only a maximum of 55% of total boat weight

The sail area is to be as outline in the group sail plain. See Below Sail layout.ppt 

The measure of 300 mm from deck to underside of lead applies

A practical bumper must be fitted to the bow

Key Dimensions.pdf Key Dimensions.pdf
Size : 35.8 Kb
Type : pdf
Sail Layout.pdf Sail Layout.pdf
Size : 41.744 Kb
Type : pdf

Almost all of our sailors - apologies to those missing but you actually missed a good sailing day

 Our valued scorer and handicapper - say the wrong thing and you will get a 10 second penalty!

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