Spares in the Toolbox 

We have inherited a tool box full of useful bits and pieces for building and maintaining our Nips.

Before you go out and buy what you need, have a look at the list here - the stuff was paid for by the group so you might as well use it.

The stuff in the box when we got it is free to group members. See Peter T. Any materials bought on the internet specifically for a group member can be paid for at cost. Greg or Peter will order for you if you require assistance.   

Building Material 

 Many of us in the group have bits and pieces of building material left over from previous boat building activities. Ask around - Greg, Peter T, and John R have a stock of ply, rudder shaft, rudder tube and such they may offer you. 

The List 

 New stuff to be paid for at cost

  • Switches and rubber boots
  • Stainless Vang and backstay bottle screws
  • 50 micron sail material

 Stuff in the box when we got it


  • Replacement servo leads, plugs sockets and extensions
  • 4xAA battery holders and plugs
  • Servo arms
  • Heat shrink tube
  • 6 and 4mm Graupner boom clips
  • Graupner Micro Magic boom fitting and vang
  • Stainless back stay adjusters
  • Bowsies
  • US Line Company dacron line
  • Stainless backstay wire and ferrels 
  • Masking Tape

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